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Artikelnummer Fidak : 10008671
Artikelnummer Mitsubishi : 110CP-D707DW-S
Barcode :
Let op: dit betreft een systeemprinter. Deze printer werkt alleen met de Mitsubishi Click & Kiosk, er zijn geen Windows/Mac-drivers beschikbaar voor deze printer. Mitsubishi's CP-D707DW-S printer is high speed, compact in design and measures 446 mm in depth, a mere 340 mm in height and an extremely low breadth of 275 mm. This printer is only compatible with Mitsubishi Photo Systems. With a space saving front-load construction, the CP-D707DW-S can be quickly filled with fresh media thanks to the simple extension of the filling unit. Despite its compact design this printer can still hold substantial volumes of photo paper, for high capacity printing. A unique feature of the CP-D707DW-S is that it is capable of producing three different size formats and its high speed processing at a mere 6 seconds per 4”; x 6”; print makes it a leader in its class. Recommended Uses: High Production Systems: Kiosks & Flexilab |Multi Format Kiosk | 2 Printers in one.


Thanks to a dual deck capability, it's a powerful output printing solution and flexible to use. Depending on the combination of paper that has been inserted in the top and bottom decks, the CP-D707DW-S can print out up to four formats. The 10x15cm (4x6”), the 15x20cm (6x8”) or the 15x23cm (6x9”) simultaneously and the 13x18cm (5x7”) separately.


The dual deck allows a very flexible use for you to manage several format printings at the same time.

Power saving feature

Mitsubishi Photo printers are designed to reduce power consumption in sleep mode by up to 96% vs precedent printer generations. Standby power refers to the electric power consumed by electronic appliances while they are switched off or in a standby mode. Saves energy in sleep mode, reducing power consumption less than 1 watt.

Printing time

5.9 seconds for 10x15cm (4x6") prints combining the dual deck capability makes a super fast printer.

Print Capacity

Up to 800 prints combining the dual deck allows a very high printing capacity for your big orders and printing needs.

Compact design

Dual deck in just 0.18m2, and 22kgs, the CP-D707DW-S allows a very powerful throughput in a reduced size.

Low Maintenance and High Reliability

The CP-D707DW-S’s efficiency is enhanced with a unique cooling system technology ideal for environments that suffer a higher level of pollution or dust. With in-built separators designed to circulate air efficiently, keeps the heads separated from the power supply and reduces dust issues.

Perforated media

With the possibility to use perforated media, it allows a perfect combination of high features, reduced size for the most flexible and convenient photo printer for professional use in market.



System compatibility

Mitsubishi Click / Kiosk

Printing method

Dye sublimation thermal transfer full color. Three-color face progressive printing (yellow, magenta, cyan) plus surface lamination

Print options

Single-sided printing

Print formats

from 5x15 to 15x23 cm (from 2x6" to 6x9")

Memory capacity


Photo finishing


Print capacity

Up to 800 prints 10x15 cm (dual deck)

Print speed (4x6")

Printing time 5.9 s / 10x15cm (dual deck)


300 dpi


22kg (48,5lb.)

Dimensions W/D/H

275 / 446 / 340  mm

Foot print

0.12 square meters

Power consumption

2.4A (220-240VAC, 50/60Hz.) / 4.6A (120VAC, 50/60Hz.)

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Artikelnummer 10008671
CatNo 110CP-D707DW-S
Merk Mitsubishi
Gewicht 27.00 kg